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Frequency control
power pumps
from 3 to 250 kW

Smooth start
Flow Control
  Motor protection 

We will calculate the parameters for free
   and determine the estimated cost
integrated automation
pumping equipment

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Benefits of Automation
pumping equipment


TO 25%





Leader's welcome speech:

My name is Yuri Ushkats.
I am the technical director of the Scientific and Technical Center "Kharkovrelekomplekt".

If you are on this page, then your key task is to ensure the performance of your equipment and protect it from various kinds of trouble.
You have hit the mark!

As an example, I will give below a short list of situations that arise during the operation of pumping equipment with "direct connection".    

5 problems that arise during operation
pumping equipment with "direct connection"

1. With direct start-up of a loaded motor (pump), the starting current sharply increases, which can exceed the rated current by 6-10 times.

2. A sharp increase in the torque on the motor shaft has a negative effect on the starting and working winding of the stator, on bearings and seals, significantly increasing their wear and reducing the service life of the equipment.

3. With a direct start, the "drawdown" of the supply voltage and induced interference in the network negatively affect the performance of electronic systems and neighboring equipment.

4. When directly turning on (off) the pump, water hammer may occur. This can compromise the integrity of the hydraulic system, even with a hydraulic accumulator.

5. When the motor (pump) is connected directly, there is an increased wear of the mechanical and electrical parts of the pump (both at start-up and at shutdown). Devices connected to the same network also suffer, and the service life of filtration systems and plumbing fittings is reduced.

To get information on how best to avoid negative consequences when operating your particular equipment, leave a request for a free consultation.

What can we do for you?

We will reduce energy costs by up to 25%.
We will double the resource of pumping equipment.
Reliably protect the pipeline from water hammer.
We will provide soft start and protection of the pump motor.


Much depends on the individual characteristics of your pumps.
We will solve any non-standard task of pumping equipment control.

We will suggest options for solving the problem.
Let us help you choose the best cabinet layout.
We will clarify the nuances and details so that the equipment is most suitable for your task.
We will give you a discount on your first order.

Briefly about how to solve the problem
  with high starting loads

Automate pump control 

We will develop a project as soon as possible
for a comprehensive solution to your specific problem.
We will help you with the preparation of technical specifications!

Let's make the complete device of management, protection and automatic equipment. We will carry out commissioning work.

Within 1 year we will provide free maintenance of the installed electrical equipment.

Frequency control and pump protection

High inrush current is a problem for water supply, water treatment and water treatment systems.

A good solution would be to use a soft starter (SCD) and a frequency converter (FC).

The soft starter of the electric motor smooths out "peak" loads, mechanical jerks and hydraulic shocks several times, providing a "soft start" of the pump.

Our Management Solutions
pumping equipment with high
economy and efficiency

1. Pump control cabinet 5-18 kW with soft start

2. Pump control cabinet 75 kW with soft start

3. Pump control cabinet 110kW with soft start

4. Pump control cabinet 160kW with soft startом

5. Ventilation control cabinet.

Our automation services
pumping equipment


Development of design documentation


Manufacturing of complete devices


Performing installation work


Commissioning works


Service and warranty service

Everything is easier than you thinkе

Leave a request for a consultation

Our expert employee will contact you in 7 minutes

Get a commercial offer 

In 3 days you will have a technical task ready

Meet our experts

They are professionals in their field

Ushkats Yury Grigorievich

Technical Director

Gennady Pavlovich Podrez

Head of technical department

Ushkats Vitaly Yurievich

Director of the subsidiary "Relemontazhservice"
Installation (service)

Nesmyanovich Dmitry Valerievich

Head of Sales Department

Who do we work with?

Working with us, you do not have to spend extra time and money on correcting errors and inaccuracies in projects.

Our specialists are constantly trained at the production facilities of leading European companies.


Among the European countries are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.


Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Qatar, Cyprus, Kuwait, Lebanon, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkey) Southeast Asia, Indonesia


About the company STC "Kharkovrelekomplekt"

Scientific and Technical Center "Kharkivrelekomplekt" is accredited by the State Concern "UKROBORONPROM" for the supply of electronic and electromechanical components, as well as automation equipment.

Qualification in the concern "UKROBORONPROM" testifies not only to the recommendations for cooperation with the enterprises of the concern, but also to the high reliability of the enterprise
STC “Kharkivrelekomplekt”.

25 years

Successful work in the market

5360 projects

Completed in the shortest possible time

50 people

Professionals in their field

Examples of packaging SHUN
to send to the customer

A small part of our projects
for automation of various objects

Emergency control panel for a power unit of a thermal power plant

Development of alarm panels for nuclear power plants

Centralized ventilation control system for industrial premises of Philip Morris Ukraine tobacco factory (Kharkov).

Zmiev paper-making factory
Paper machine drive control panel
Automatic control system for paper machine drive

ACS of the elevator complex

Our certificates

Our partners

For several years of successful work, we have accumulated extensive experience of cooperation with many multi-industry organizations.

The basis of successful interaction with our partners is stable, long-term partnerships that give confidence in the future.

About us in pictures

Our team.

Production area.

Products are packed.

Modernization of the crane beam. Combining pendant control panels.

Modernization of equipment at the elevator.

9th international exhibition "Elkom Ukraine".

11th Specialized exhibition "KIP Electronics Energy".

Sales office.

Warehouse of components.

The product is ready to be shipped to the customer.

Installation of a motor control cabinet with a frequency converter.

Assembly days.

11th International Exhibition of Energy, Electrical Engineering and Energy Efficiency "ElcomUkraine".


Automation of standard and non-standard industrial facilities on a turnkey basis
within agreed deadlines

Individual approach to each project - assistance in the development of technical specifications

Free maintenance of installed electrical equipment
within 12 months,
if need be

Free consultations
leading experts
equipment automation

We are your guide to industrial electrical installation design

STC "Kharkovrelekomplekt"

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